Airbase Airbrush Makeup


Airbase was created by Judy Naake, the modest beauty guru that bought the now leading tanning product St Tropez to the UK. Airbase has since had product development by the Oscar nominated Makeup Artist Anni Buchanan.


What is it made from?

Airbase combines a unique mix of ingredients with silicone at the heart of it's formulation. Feeling beautiful and luxurious on the skin, the silicone chosen does not clog your pores,  allowing your skin to breathe. It is this that helps give Airbase Make-Up unrivalled durability. 

Silicone: Silicone is heat-resistant, non-stick and pliable. That means that your Airbase Make-Up application lasts all day and can be 'moved' for a few minutes unlike water based foundations. Any errors are therefore easy to correct after application.

Vitamins A and E: Airbase contains Vitamin A, an ingredient that is proven to improve elasticity of the skin and therefore reduce fine lines. It also contains Vitamin E. This is an anti-oxidant that moisturises and repairs helping to deactivate the free radicals that age the skin.


Perron Rigot


Perron Rigot is a French manufacturer of depilatory waxes used by beauty practitioners and salons the world over.


Depilatory waxing is the premier beauty-care treatment, because it is natural, respects the skin, and serves as the preliminary to many other treatments.

It is a demanding art that requires quality waxes and true expertise. To achieve the best possible results, beauty professionals will find, in our catalogue listing more than 340 items:

  • All the traditional and avant-garde waxes, and, suited to waxing all parts of the body and face;
  • The best choice of waxing equipment, waxing accessories and pre- and post-waxing care products;
  • A selection of beauty-care products for the face and body, consumables and treatment-booth equipment.

With 30 years of innovation and more than 20 patents behind them, Perron Rigot is constantly developing new formulas. The company holds the patent on formulas for low-temperature waxes and is the inventor of no-strip disposable wax.


Sienna X

With Sienna X, you are guaranteed to receive the best professional spray tan at a competitive price:

  • Natural looking guide colour
  • Solutions to suit all skin types
  • High quality natural ingredients
  • Luxuriously moisturising
  • Expert professional results
  • Gorgeous coconut and vanilla fragrance

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